Utherverse Weddings

The Wedding Team is here to provide access to all the services necessary to plan a wedding event in Utherverse and to ensure it runs smoothly and to your specifications.

Please fill out the wedding request form to reserve the date & time and to book a JoP (Justice of the Peace) to perform the wedding. The form should be submitted at least three days prior to the requested wedding date.

Once the request form has been received, the couple to be married will be contacted by the Wedding Officer who will assist with the organizing and planning details.

Not into a big ceremony? No problem, we also offer Express Weddings for those who would rather not wait. These are only available on particular days and the hours are as follows:

Sunday 2-4 pm PST

If a group would like to celebrate the joining in of a new Member or if a Member would like to make a commitment to a group, we offer Group Commitment Ceremonies with the Universal JoP's.

Meet our team inside Utherverse at "All Things Wedding" vww://utherverse.vww/@287606



Events Calendar

Please find all upcoming events in the
Events Calendar

or set up your own Event! 

Through the creation of the user
Events & Wedding Calendar,

anyone can now create and execute their own events.

Fundraisers / Charity

If you would like the assistance of Utherverse in hosting/holding an event to support a charity or fundraiser please email

 [email protected]

a detailed proposal 4-6 weeks prior to the event date.

The Ambassador's are another friendly face of the Utherverse community and ensure that all users, both new and old alike have a fun and memorable experience as well as act as a liaison between events, services and the volunteer community as a whole.

They can usually be seen in world hosting great events at public Utherverse venues and are also offering assistance to members where necessary.