Planning Your Wedding

All types of weddings are permitted in Utherverse and range from traditional, religious, hand fasting, collaring ceremonies, multiple marriages, group weddings etc. There really is no restriction to the type of ceremony you can have – we’ll leave that up to you and your imagination.

How to get married:

If you would rather avoid the planning and waiting, then the Express Wedding might be for you.

Otherwise, the standard wedding process can be started in the events calendar here along with an application fee of 10 Rays.

Things to keep in mind

1.   When submitting the wedding time, makes sure it’s in PST.

2.   When choosing the venue, be sure to contact the venue licensee for approval to use the location. The licensee will need to approve the venue in the events calendar. All Utherverse public venues are free on a first-come first-served basis.

Choosing and Requesting a JoP

1.   Please note that if the JoP of your choice is not available on your specified date, one will be assigned to you. English is the default language for JoP’s should one not be available in your requested language.

2.   The JoP fee is a 150 Rays

3.   Your wedding certificate will be requested by the JoP after the fact. Utherverse certificates come at a cost of 20 Rays, or you can choose a third-party certificate for 50 Rays. You will receive the certificate within seven business days of the wedding.

*Charges may apply to a change in JoP after one has been assigned to you.

Any changes made to the event will come at a fee of 10 Rays. Please update all changes immediately and inform your JoP if the date and time changes. The cutoff for making changes is 72 hours before the scheduled date. All fees will be taken out of your account immediately.

Forms with a date under the 3 days minimum cannot be considered.

 Wedding Ceremony / JoP 

Please make sure that your Wedding starts at the scheduled time. If your Wedding has not started within 30 minutes after the scheduled time, the JoP is allowed to call the wedding off and there will be no refund. 

Name Change / Contact:

 Refrain from name changes during the Wedding process as we are unable to alter usernames.
 Note: If you change your name before the wedding the JoP will be unable to contact you, as he only has the original name on file. Furthermore, if the JoP cannot find you on your Wedding day due to a name change, there will be no refund. It is in your responsibility to make sure you can be contacted, found and that you inform all in your Wedding involved of any potential change. 

Cancellations cannot be taken back. Please send an email to [email protected] and / or inform your JoP to cancel your Wedding. Please note that charges apply with any cancellation.

 Refunds / Changes:

Refunds have to be requested with a copy of the initial transfer via email to [email protected] together with your cancellation, later requests can not be considered. You will receive a 50 % refund as long as the Wedding is more than 3 days past the cancellation date. There is no refund with less than 3 days notice. Calendar fees are non-refundable.

Please note that you cannot reschedule to an earlier date the last 3 days prior to your Wedding. If you need to reschedule but don’t have a new date, please cancel your Wedding and send a new form at a later time.  

 Booking of venues:

You can book the venue by entering the venue at the events calendar to your Wedding Event.

 Please note that certain venues are privately licensed and permission must be sought from the Primary Licensee before an event can be held. This may delay the time in arranging your event. The venue may also be subject to a fee per use for all events. This fee will determined by the individual Licensee(s) of that venue. Venues such as Blus, Fever and the Hotel etc. are public and are not subject to any fees for use of the venue.


Logon to

To manage your events, login to 

 You can see the Status of your Wedding on our website:

In order to approve a venue please follow these steps:

· Login with an account that owns a venue
· Go to your Events calendar page (
· Click MANAGE YOUR EVENTS button at the very bottom
· On the opened page you will see a list of all your submitted events
· In the column VENUE click on PENDING
· On the opened page in the STATUS drop down menu choose APPROVED
· You can type a message for Event owner, Venue or Admin if you like, but this is optional
· Click Submit

 Wedding Center

If you are looking for other Services around your wedding, please visit our Wedding Center "All Things Wedding" - vww://utherverse.vww/@287606

 Wedding Planners

If you use a third party Wedding Planner to arrange the Wedding on your behalf, please note that Utherverse cannot be held responsible in the event anything wasn’t arranged proper and within our procedures by your Wedding Planner. Please verify yourself that the Wedding Planner of your choice is comfortable with all Wedding procedures.