Wedding Center

All Things Wedding is located at the Wedding Region, to enter from RLC Street.

It’s the one-stop-shop for all of your wedding needs and is the place to go if you are getting married or are shopping for the wedding couple. All Things Wedding offers access to those who provide various essential wedding services and are available for bookings, such as:

·         Wedding Venues

·         Wedding Planners

·         Wedding Textures and Clothing

·         Photo and Videographers

·         Other Services such as:  Invitations & Cards, Flowers, Cakes, Gift Cards ect

·         Virtual Entertainment for your Wedding / Reception

·       Wedding Reviews

 All Things Wedding will be frequently advertised through:

In-world advertisement, Forum Posts, Bulletins, VWWof the day and hosted events.

Wedding Region Rentals include one free board entry at the Wedding Center


You can register for either 6 month or one year.

Venue Board:

You can advertise your Wedding Venue (one per entry), if you want to register 5 venues or more. please contact us for a special rebate. The venue name will link to your profile so you can be contacted for bookings.To the venue image we will add a short info such as capacity, rental fee, if you offer packages and the venue URL.
Venues might be sorted by themes at a later time, so couples can find easy what suits their Wedding theme.

6 month = ® 125
1 year = ® 200

Contact us for a rebate for 5 venues or more

All other boards:
The Business name will link to your profile so you can be contacted for bookings.
If you wish, we display a business card or Logo where you can advertise the particular Service you register for to give a first impression (Size 400 x 250). Please email jpg or png images.

6 month = ® 90 
1 year = ® 140 

Manequins / Bots
We will set a bot for you to display Wedding gowns and suits of your creations. Please note that you can only display your own work, if displaying any other additions that credit must be granted to the creator. Anything submitted that is not your own creation will leave you personally liable.
All textures you want to apply to your bot need to be provided.

You can provide skin / hair ect for your bot, otherwise a default one will be set for you.
The gown / suit will link directly to UVC so couples can buy the showcased clothes directly.
The Business card in front of your bot will link to your UVC, except you wish to link to your profile.

6 month - ®150
1 year - ® 200

Display Tables :
If you offer Wedding Rings, flowers, Cakes ect we can display those on various displays.
Rings will link to UVC for direct buy, all other things that cant be bought directly over UVC will be linked with you Business card / Logo to your profile so you can be contacted.

6 month -® 100
1 year - ® 160

You can showcase your Service at a small booth, and link to your profile / closet. Ports are not allowed. (maximal 15 props)
6 month: ® 600
1 year: ® 900


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