Upcoming Weddings

see below the actual status of all upcoming Weddings:
(all times are in Pacific Time)

last update: 12.3.2023

Note: This is in main a work sheet for those who work on Weddings


Date Time Names JoP
12.3.2023 3 pm Pinky_DKK_56 and ENF_Surge_LAMC Arden - POSTPONED
12.9.2023 3 pm Connie_WWAWD and ELI_VAWD Rugged
12.10.2023 2 pm DJ_InaraCheyanne and paul_firestone Arden
12.10.2023 3 pm Pz_EM_DKK56_LAMC and Prncs_Tessa_LAMC Crazy
12.13.2023 3 pm KORA_DxD_LTF and Jaylen_DxD_LTF Crazy
12.16.2023 11 am SA_Spdy_ESLD_MVD and HEMP_Tru_HBD_HEL Crazy
12.27.2023 6 pm Q_AsunaDgns_FBDL and Play_Time_69 Mystik
1.14.2024 3 pm Mrs_Xhris_SD_1 and SuperDave_1 wish Mrs Raven
2.14.2024 5 pm Evelyn_DFOV_DGBL and Loki_CDA_DGBL wish Rugged
2.17.2024 1 pm Prnc_Dynob_CNV and Prncs_ROS_CNV Mystik
2.24.2024 4 pm ENF_DD_TCD_COMC and LeonitisPCD_COMC Crazy