Getting Divorced in Utherverse

Divorces are an optional component to Utherverse and are not required in order to get remarried in the event of a split from a previous marriage or to marry another member of Utherverse if you are currently involved in a marriage (i.e. multiple marriages).  
It is in your responsibility to inform the other party.
 To request your Divorce:
 Request your divorce here
·     Click [ View my weddings or file divorce  ] button.
·     You will see your Wedding listed (only Weddings from 2014 forward - excluding Express Weddings)
·     File divorce for the wedding found.
·     If not listed, the system gives you a generic [File divorce for weddings not listed or found]button
·     Provide the date of marriage and the names you married under
·     Your account will be charged immediately with 50 rays by submitting the divorce request
Please note that divorce fees are non-refundable and final once requested.
Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will be issued an official Utherverse® Certificate of Divorce. This is usually done within a week or the following Monday after your request.
As soon as the certificate has been issued, your Wedding will be marked as divorced (broken heart) on the Wedding list on the Utherverse® Events Website.
Once again, Utherverse® Divorces are entirely optional and not required to get remarried.
Utherverse® cannot be held responsible in the event that the requesting party failed to inform all parties involved.