Universal JoP's

These are the official JoP's available for wedding requests.
ll official JoP's wear a “Universal JoP” badge. Only they can perform official Weddings.

These JoP's are available for all venues in Utherverse including specific VWW's.
Click on the name to contact them via the social center.

Basically all JOPs offer these kind of ceremonies:
traditional, religious & non, Gay Weddings, Pagan Handfasting, Wiccan,  Collarings, Vampire Blood bonding, Goth, Group Weddings, double & triple Weddings, Renewals,Spiritual, Memorials, Group Unions,
ect, ect
    Specialized in:
Mrs_Raven language: English custom ceremonies
Mystik_Moon language: English Voice Weddings
(ceremony conducted via voice - no music)
BeeLicious_JOP language: English  
_Arden language: English Traditional, Renewals, Same Gender, Multiple, Vampire,
Handfasting, all Customized
Phoenix_JOP language: Spanish, English Group Unions , Vampire , Handfasting
Texas_Shy_Guy language: English
Angelica_D_Lynn language: English  
Kyna_JoP language: English  
MrInstantCoffee language: English  
Dapper__Dave language: English