Upcoming Weddings

see below the actual status of all upcoming Weddings:
(all times are in Pacific Time)

last update: 02.22.2019

Note: This is in main a work sheet for those who work on Weddings


Date Time Names JoP
02.23.2019 11.25 am Big_Blu_Wolf and Red_Katzy_Wolf  Bee
02.23.2019 7 am Hemps_Nikki_WSFK and ATtYcUs_WoLf_CBF  Mrs Raven
03.02.2019 3 pm AZE_Amore and Besh_XXX  Mrs Raven
03.02.2019 3 pm Melanie_DE and robert_time wish Mystik
03.04.2019 6 pm Eanrig_Gun_ALR and Pinky_FF  Arden
03.05.2019 2 pm RO_DukeRidesNWMC and ENF_LushEvl_PKMC  Devi
03.09.2019 12 pm miLfy_ and tnwhiskey  Mystik
03.16.2019 5 pm RO_Bela_IDO_GJMC and VP_Tala_IDO_MMC  Kyna
03.16.2019 1 pm Chrissy_MMV and Max_Boston  Kyna
03.16.2019 8 am MR_B_SWAN_DECO and x_Vivianna_x  Devi
03.16.2019 9 pm DJ_Spookcat and Deosil Mrs Raven