Upcoming Weddings

see below the actual status of all upcoming Weddings:
(all times are in Pacific Time)

last update: 05.25.2017

Note: This is in main a work sheet for those who work on Weddings

Date Time Names JoP
05.28.2017 4 pm Nikki_Charms and Colt_Chambers Rita Bacardi
06.03.2017 12 pm Sir_RudeRudy_EHD and MsDkWolf_LWF_SoA wish Bee
06.04.2017 6 pm REDTOUGH_HOT_ROD and Victoria_Hot_Rod  Rita
06.10.2017 5 pm LadyHawke and Maddooxx Mystik
06.18.2017 6.30 am Nina_MM and Daniela_MM Devi
07.01.2017 7 am Mr_Typo_Sonny and GDS_TypoJen_7IKF Devi
07.08.2017 6 pm Raphael_FF_HD and _Morgan_HD Rev Playfair