Upcoming Weddings

see below the actual status of all upcoming Weddings:
(all times are in Pacific Time)

last update: 9.13.2019

Note: This is in main a work sheet for those who work on Weddings.


Date Time Names JoP
08.27.2019 6 am okie_nurse and _Nivitad_Najade_ Mrs Raven - Postponed
09.06.2019 3 pm HONEY_ALWYS_RnS and _Khal_ Mrs Raven - Postponed
09.21.2019 3 pm Mr_Andrew_S_IAB and Dr_Irene_S_IAB Arden
09.27.2019 12 pm VeritasAblaze and _fiametta VeritasAblaze Angelica
09.30.2019 4 pm DJ_CMH_EXC_BEN and DJ_ASTRO Texas Shy Guy
10.05.2019 6 pm VP_PepperM_PDMC and Sec_SALT_PDMC Dapper Dave
10.12.2019 9 am x_Katja_x and x_Venus_x Mystik
10.31.2019 8 am Qn_Trix_VKR and Kg_Talis_AAV Mystik