Management Team

Brian Shuster / Founder and CEO


One of the pioneers of the internet, Mr. Shuster is the inventor of dozens of issued and pending internet technology patents. He created one of the first and most successful free web hosting companies in history,, which he sold to in 1999.
After creating several other highly successful internet ventures, Mr. Shuster founded Utherverse, Inc. in 2003 to develop a network of interconnected virtual worlds using a common platform. By 2006 the company was expanded to Canada where Shuster continued to innovate in the virtual world space.


Anna Lee / President


Anna’s expertise encompasses MMO’s, Social Networks, Online Gaming, Digital Media, and with over 15 years of experience in business development, she has been an integral part of Utherverse and the Virtual World Web. Her strong leadership has fostered extensions into new markets, overseeing the growth of the UtherAcademy, UtherConvention, UtherInteriors, brands along with expanding Utherverse Virtual Business Opportunities and the development of Curio, the world’s first 3D browser.

Anna has served as a Business and Marketing consultant for several international organizations, community facilitator and speaker, and in 2006 won Leonardo DaVinci Award for Creativity and Innovation. Currently, Anna sits on the board of directors for two organizations within North America and is in the role of President at both Utherverse Digital Inc. and the Virtual World Web Inc.


Aaron Burch / CTO


Aaron discovered his passion for computer technology at a young age and has translated that passion into an invaluable resource for Utherverse. Aaron began with the Company in 2006 and brought with him over 10 years of experience in the online industry. His previous work included design and implementation of a high-traffic add routing system, high volume email delivery system, online ordering and subscription systems, full-scale network implementation, from the hardware up through the application layer, complex database designs and a multitude of experimental software projects. An expert in a wide variety of server systems and software, Mr. Burch is a specialist in the conceptualization, architecture and delivery of large scale network and content delivery systems and has given the company a leading edge in technology advancement.


Jason White /Director of Research and Development


Director of Research and Development, Jason White is Utherverse's resident MacGyver. Jason has owned and operated several businesses, including a Computer store for over 3 years in Brandon, Manitoba.

Mr. White was one of the original members of the Utherverse team, and was initially hired to oversee Marketing and Events, moved onto heading the Tech Support department, and has also performed duties as our Network Administrator, Internal IT, Purchasing Administrator, and a dozen other roles. Jason now heads our R&D department, tasked with investigating, testing, and finding cutting edge technologies, and ways to make new, exciting projects possible.