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Utherverse White Label Opportunities

Utherverse is looking looking for Global white label licensee's to help us expand our Virtual World Web operations on a world-wide basis. For the purposes of this document, white labels will be referred to as  franchises. We currently have two franchises running. One in Germany called and one in Brazil (Portuguese) called We are just about to bring up another franchise in Russia called

These are unconnected to our North American operations (Utherverse) at the moment and are developed locally in those countries using our software. We are looking to find partners in Holland, Spain and Italy and other countries to bring up versions of our software in those specific languages and demographics. Eventually, we will be connecting all the franchises together once they are ready so that users can experience difference parts of the world in the local languages. They would also be able to use the different virtual currencies in each of the countries. This is a long term plan (3-5 years)  For now, we are looking for new franchise partners to operate the software locally in new countries.

It is possible to look at franchise opportunities that have no direct connection to other platforms out there but this should be discussed separately. A franchise should be brought online locally and unconnected at first, then once it has had time to grow and become profitable, it can be considered for connection to the rest of the Virtual World Web.

About Utherverse:

The Utherverse is the next generation of the Internet - a Virtual World Web of interconnected 3D communities that delivers a user experience that is vastly more enriching and satisfying than the flat World Wide Web that is so popular today.
With our live public launch of this groundbreaking technology, Utherverse, has begun to revolutionize the way people relate to each other and the ways that they undertake their online experiences.  The Utherverse delivers entirely new kinds of online social interactions, as well as vastly improved methods for business to engage and for users to experience entertainment, commerce, news and events.

More information can be found at        

A franchise is simply a white label license to our software and can be developed as an entire virtual world or as something smaller such as a casino that can be licensed to a government for use in a similar fashion to British Columbia's BCLC located at

A virtual casino could compromise of slots, tables and even sports betting with sports being streamed live into the virtual world using either flash or windows media. This also provides to opportunity for entertainment to be broadcasted into the virtual world. The entertainment could be concerts, comedians or other forms of entertainment found in regular real world casinos around the world. There are many advantages in using our software in for that purpose such as keeping track of players, testing new game placement and measuring user flow within a live dynamic environment. This information can be used to increase revenues within the virtual world and then also transferred to real world environment as well.

The software comes with a built in virtual currency that can be used for things like "cover charge" into shows and regions, merchandise sales, tipping and advertising for upcoming promotions. The virtual currency can be set to maintain a certain price point and then allowed to be withdrawn into real money where regulations allow it. The virtual casino could also operate with real money currency as well if applicable in that juridiction.

When looking for franchise operators, we look for someone local and established within those countries who wants to wxdexork on a project for long term growth and revenue. Someone who understands virtual worlds and the potential future opportunities. It also helps if that interested party already has a way of promoting  through an existing user base in those countries. This could be through pre-existing websites or services operated that can immediately bring members into their branded virtual world.

Having your own franchise gives you complete control over marketing, billing, world management, and the related support systems. We will design a limited amount of custom maps for your world so it has the look and feel of your country or brand. This is so that that your customer base will have access to a "look and feel" that is familiar to them. For example, we have created Copacabana beach in the Brazilian franchise and Red Square for Russia.

Social Center

The 2D web social center that comes with the virtual software license is a web 2.0 property that allows members to create profiles, post images, send messages, maintain a friends list and set clothing for their avatars. The social center comes with advertising spots that could be sold or used to promote events happening within the 3D virtual world. The social center also uses the virtual currency model and allows members to customize their account and avatar settings.

The social center acts like a "home page" for users to access. This is where they can display information about themselves through pictures, bulletins, text and even color schemes. It also allows them to access features that they want activated such as the marketplace, a business profile, privacy settings, friends lists, our affiliate program and also access the virtual currency accounts..


The software license also comes with an admin for the operator to use. This allows them to manage customer support, world operations (moderation), the virtual currency and virtual world management. This software, currently in English is used  by the staff who are operating the franchise.

There are many features built into the admin that can be used to "tweak" your virtual world. The admin gives you overall statics but also allows you to look up  and track individual accounts if need be.  It provides such essential stats as unique/raw traffic, membership joins, sales downloads, trials, affiliate tracking and world population.

The admin is web based and can be accessed from anywhere making it manageable and convenient. You can also set different permissions for different users and control what level of access they have to information. For example, your customer support may need access to  accounts and billing information while your world managers may only need access to region publishing
and world management.

Virtual World Web  (VWW) Software and World Expansion

Once a franchise has been launched and starts to grow in the amount of members, there are opportunities to expand. This can be done through a few different options:

1) Franchisee can contract Utherverse to build more maps and regions into the virtual world
2) Franchisee can  create maps themselves or through 3rd parties and have them imported for a fee

*The easiest and fastest solution is for Utherverse to create the maps within the virtual world
The Virtual World Web software allows user generated virtual worlds to be created within your franchise.

We provide templates of virtual regions such as streets, stores, bars and offices in which users can add custom props and textures. This allows for millions of possible combinations of virtual worlds. These regions are then leased to the user for a weekly fee in virtual currency and gives the user control over the permissions in the region. They can choose who can enter, if there is a cover charge and what activities are allowed in their virtual world. This includes things like dancing, flying, roller skating, languages and presenter or entertainment roles.

License Fee

$100k CDN Setup and License Fee
This includes creating the world, custom maps, providing training using our admin, a copy of our web   based social center (user profiles) and setting everything up
Updates to the software and general maintenance
This fee is also intended to show commitment to the project 
12 month exclusivity (from launch) for that country/demographic

Revenue Share

We ask for 25% of all VIP Subscription revenue (based on a recurring model that works in that country, Example $20 Euro per month)
25% of all revenue earned through the web social center Example: from selling ads or cross promotions to affiliate programs
15% of all other net income you earn through virtual currency, virtual business, virtual cover charge for events, selling animations etc

Licensee Responsibilities

You would be responsible for:

Marketing and Advertising
Customer Support
Technical Support
Hosting (which can be provided at a cost through our European German partner or through our hosting in North America)
World Moderation
Music and content licensing
Providing a billing solution
Translation services if in another language
All of the above, can be provided by Utherverse on a contractual basis for a fee


After contacting our business development team, we typically start with a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a contract to learn more about what your business plan and expectations from a franchise license. We would like to see things like your business background and marketing capabilities.

All aspects of the deal should be considered custom and are open to negotiations. The information listed in this document is merely a guideline. Utherverse is open to all business ideas and discussions.
Once a deal has been signed, the typical timeframe for setting up a white label franchise is between 3-6 months depending on the size and scope of the virtual world.


All white label licenses must be assigned via a signed contract before any work is to begin. The contract should be negotiated in good faith and then signed. The initial deposit (if applicable) must also have arrived before Utherverse will commence work on a new project.

Please contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Zak Zarry, President, Utherverse, [email protected]

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